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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is HastaMilan?

HastaMilan (or हस्त मिलन in Sanskrit) means joining hands. This site provides a means for people to learn more about someone through the comments and experiences of others. This site also allows you to leave messages for people using an innovative indexing system.

Using HastaMilan you can make reference to your own various identities on the internet when interacting with other people whilst still maintaining your privacy.

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2. Why should I become a member?

Think of HastaMilan as a private bulletin board where people can leave messages for you making reference to any of your profiles on the internet. Being a member, you can also leave a message for any uniquely identifiable person you've seen on any site - for free!

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3. How much does it cost?

This service makes money through advertising and is free for members.

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4. Is this an internet dating/ introductions site?

No - this site provides access to an index that allows people to make reference to their own online identities when capturing experiences or leaving messages. There are no matchmaking/ introduction features on this site. Users are free to leave messages for anyone they like.

As always, please be cautious when revealing personal information on the internet and always take the necessary precautions when considering meeting people in person - unfortunately not everyone is honest.

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5. Is HastaMilan affiliated with other sites such as

No – HastaMilan is in no way affiliated with sites such as We neither access nor provide access to content on these other sites and are not endorsed by these sites in any way. The site names provided in the dropdown boxes are merely to facilitate ease of data entry.

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6. Does HastaMilan access my profiles on other sites?

No – HastaMilan neither accesses nor provides access to your profiles on other sites. It allows you to refer to your various identities when capturing your experiences or leaving messages for other people.

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7. Are my site membership details visible to other users of HastaMilan?

No – your membership details remain strictly private unless you choose to disclose them in your interaction with other users. HastaMilan allows you to refer to your various identities allowing you to choose what you let others know about yourself.

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8. Can I leave a message for someone even if I am not registered on that site?

Yes – you can use HastaMilan to leave a message for anyone on any site. Provided you have at least one online identity (e.g. a profile on you can register on HastaMilan. You can then leave a message for any profile you have seen on any site referring to this identity as the sender.

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9. What happens if someone else has registered on HastaMilan with my profile?

Identity theft is taken very seriously at HastaMilan – the IP address of each registration and message is tracked and we will support you in claiming your rightful identity back. Should you wish to pursue the matter legally and file charges against the identity thief, we will provide you with as much support as possible.

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10. What can I do if I receive spam or abusive messages?

Spam and abusive users will not be tolerated on this site – we provide a facility to report any spam, abusive messages or abusive users – please help us by using these features to provide a better user experience for everyone on the site.

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11. What will be displayed about me if I register on HastaMilan?

Unlike social networks such as Orkut or Facebook, when you register on HastaMilan you do not create a publicly displayed profile. Nothing on your registration page is ever displayed to anyone unless you choose to disclose it.

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12. Do you share my contact details with others?

No – absolutely not. We adhere to a strict privacy policy and do not sell or otherwise distribute your contact details without obtaining your consent first. You also have full control over which notifications you receive from HastaMilan.

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13. Can I rate an experience I've had with someone anonymously?

Yes, you can. The process works as follows: you will always be required to select an identity you've registered with when rating an experience. Regardless of this, you still have the option of making the rating Anonymous (and thereby disclosing neither the identity you selected, nor your real name details to others for that rating). You are in control of what you choose to disclose.

Please be aware that ratings in which you disclose all or part of your real name together with your username-site identity are given much more weight when calculating the contribution of your rating to the person's Current Experience Rating (CER).

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14. I posted a new topic or comment and I cannot see it on the site - what happened?

You may not see your topic or comment appear immediately after you've posted it - this is because some postings go through a moderation process. Your comment or topic will appear once your post is approved or you will be notified if the posting was rejected.

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15. Can I leave an anonymous comment in the Community area of the site?

Yes, you can. You will always be required to select an identity you've registered with when creating a new topic or comment. Regardless of this, you still have the option of making the post Anonymous (and thereby disclosing neither the identity you selected, nor your real name details to others for that posting). You are in control of what you choose to disclose.

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16. What is my UniqueCard and how is it used?

A UniqueCard is a mini-profile that is created for you when you register. You can choose to refer people to this UniqueCard when you're sending messages, rating experiences or making posts in the Community area of this site.

Because the UniqueCard data may be publicly viewable when viewers search on your profiles, you need to explicitly indicate that you are ok with this during registration or on the Edit my Profile pages.

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17. How do I get to the Cartoons section?

Select the Community option on the Menu bar. A Community option bar will appear - click on Make Cartoon to create your own cartoon, or click Celebrity Fantasy Date to create your own celebrity date.

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