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Share Experiences
Exchange stories about what's happened to you and discover other's experiences in the global community
The lighter side
Cartoons and Comic view of the world
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Good - fun
Let others know what worked for you
0 0
Bad - horror stories
Share the pain and know you are not alone!
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Ugly - Never again!
What really didn't work
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Share experiences which don't really fall into any of the above
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Ask for help or advice on various subjects - you can post anonymously if the matter is very personal
In a tough spot? Ask others to lend an ear or try and help
1 4 15 Jan 2009 14h41 by
Love and dating
Where to go, what to wear, what's bad behaviour and what's not
1 1 02 Nov 2008 04h02 by
Sex and sexuality
All about sex, sexuality and related matters
0 0
Ask for health and wellbeing related advice
1 2 07 Oct 2008 18h10 by
Profile writing
Ask about how to write your profile, what to include etc
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Advice on other areas not covered above
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Get an opinion
Ask for an opinion on a particular issue or dilemma you're facing
Review my profile
Is your profile hot... or not?
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Get a male opinion
Ask a guy for his opinion on a matter
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Get a female opinion
Ask a woman for her opinion on something
3 4 03 Nov 2008 22h32 by
anand on
Get an opinion on other general matters
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Discussion area for more general subjects
Share your funny stories, jokes and anecdotes
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Religion and spirituality
It's all about faith - share your views and opinions
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Current affairs
What's new - politics, economics, current news
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Let people know about events they may be interested in
0 0
Let's play ball - discussion on various sports and sports personalities
0 0
Any discussion music related - concerts, local bands, celebrities
0 0
Been to an amazing destination? Need help planning an itinerary?
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Movies and television
Discuss the oldies, the latest box office shows and related topics
0 0
Health and wellness
All about keeping fit and healthy
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Other general stuff
Other general discussion subjects not covered above
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Help and feedback
Support and FAQs on how to use this part of the site. Give us your feedback on how to improve the service here
Using this site
Help on how to use this site
2 3 09 Apr 2009 10h34 by
kalyanca_09 on
Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to common questions related to this site
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Ask a question
Ask the team a question
1 2 10 Sep 2008 07h51 by
General feedback
Please share your thoughts, criticisms, and compliments
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Propose a new forum category
Suggest we form a new category that would be useful to you in this section of the site
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Suggestions for improvement
Please share your ideas on how we can provide you with a better service
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